Quantity&Declinaisons Prices

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Prestashop Extension: Quantity&Declinaisons Prices

CMS: Prestashop Version: 1.4.1 Type: module Extension Topic: Admin Desk


Display quantity prices and declinations prices in a table in your product page, with an AddToCart button for each combination.

Merchant Benefits

Display to your customer all your quantity and combinations prices in a single table for each product.

An AddToCart button is available for each combination line of the table, faciltating the add to cart for the customer.


This module adds several table in your product page:

  •     prices per quantity for simple products (instead of native reduction per quantity)
  •     prices per combination
  •     prices per quantity per combination

An AddToCart button per combiantion allows your custome rto easily add the quantity they want regarding your quantity prices.

In the page listing products (like category, manufacturers, search result...), the module display an AddToCart popup, allows your customer to check the prices and to easily add the quantity they want of the appropriated combination.

By configuration, you decide :

  •     to display or not the prices per quantity for simple products
  •     to display or not the prices and prices per quantity of the combined products
  •     for each, to display the prices table on a separate tab of the product page, or directly in the product page
  •     to display or not the ean13 and the reference
  •     to display or not the AddToCart column of the table

Installed with the Olea Feature Combiantion module, this module display in the prices tables the features of the combiantion managed by the OleaFeature module

Customer Benefits

Your customers have in a single view all the prices of the products, for all combinations and all quantites.

They can easily add the combination to the cart in the quantity they want through the quantity box and the add To Cart button on each combiantion line.

In the product listing, the popup also help them to choose the correct quantity and combiantion they want.

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