Olea Super Prices Editor Extended

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Prestashop Extension: Olea Super Prices Editor Extended

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Optimize the management of your prices!

Manage prices and reductions for each of your customer and manage each combination prices per group or customer

Merchant Benefits

Enhance the prices capabilities of Prestashop, in order to manage prices per customer

Optimize the time needed to edit the product prices


Customer prices

Through the listing mode interface, access all your prices, reductions, prices per quantity and combination prices.

Modify them accordling to each of your customer: for each product, you can define specifec prices per customer.

It is possible to define customer price per currency and per country.

Combination prices

The price of a product with combination is computed as the sum of the base price and the variation price due to the combination.

Prestashop manages only the base price per group, not the variation.

With this module, you can specialize each variation price per group.

So, instead of:
base price due to group + fixed variation

You have:
base price due to group + variation due to group

This variation is also manageable per customer


The module Olea Super Price Editor is a simplified version of this module.

This module for 1.4 replaces the Multi Prices & reductions module that was availbale for 1.2/1.3

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