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Prestashop Extension: DataKick

CMS: Prestashop Version: 1.6 Type: module Extension Topic: Data Import & Export

DataKick is a free PrestaShop module that enables you to create various XML data feeds easily from your backoffice. You can use it to integrate with services like Google Merchant Center, or to provide custom data to your affiliate partners.

 Main features:

  1. Visual XML builder - create valid xml easily using visual composer
  2. Live Preview - you can see small portion of xml feed directly inside builder
  3. Formulas - adjust output data using excel-like formulas, for example 
    IF(product.quantity>0, 'In Stock', 'Out Of Stock')
  4. Conditions - select only subset of data to be exported using condition formulas.
  5. Parameters - You can create parameters and use them inside formulas/conditions. You will need to provide parameter values during xml generation. For example: 
    (product.price * runtime.multiplier)
  6. URLs - associate your xml templates with specific url to provide realtime data, ie. If your xml template requires parameters, you can choose to provide fixed values or to use url parameters:  
  7. Scheduling - generate your xml files on regular basis. You can choose to save files on your web server or even upload them to any FTP server
  8. Supports multiple shops, languages and currencies  
  9. Tested on PS1.6 and PS1.7
  10. Predefined templates - module contains sample templates for your convenience (Google Merchant Center,, Heureka)


Exposed data: You can create your own xml feeds with these data:

Catalog: Categories, Products, Product combinations, Images, Tags, Features, Attributes, Suppliers, Manufacturers


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