SEO Google Hreflang Tag and Canonical URLs Tag PrestaShop Module

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   Improve your SEO with tags recommended by Google. This module adds Google Hreflang tags that helps search engines correctly recognise the different languages of your store. And Canonical meta-tag into duplicated pages of your store.

  • Recommended by Google Tags.
  • This module tells Google which language you are using on a specific page,
  • so the search engine can serve that result to users searching in that language.
  • If you run a Prestashop store with targeted pages for different countries and/or languages, 
  • this plugin is for you. Hreflang tag helps you improve SEO for those regions and languages. 
  • Search engines can easily detect the language of a page and automatically match it to the language settings on user’s browser. However, your pages may still be competing with each other in the search results which may affect your site’s SEO. You can implement hreflang tags to fix that.
  • This module easily improve your store’s SEO Adds canonical tags to home page Adds canonical tags to category pages Improves canonical tags on products pages by including category path Adds canonical tags to info pages (about us, shipping, terms, etc) Fixes duplicate home page URL.
  • Now you can solve the issue of duplicate content like: 
  • This will make your store convert all of the SEO links to only a single word (without any paths).
  • So as a result all links to child categories and products will look like this: (instead of Looks great, right? No more ugly long URLs - only meaningful paths from now on.

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