Knowband's PrestaShop Etsy Integration Module

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Prestashop Extension: Knowband's PrestaShop Etsy Integration Module

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CMS: Prestashop Version: 2.1 Type: plugin Extension Topic: e-Commerce Integrations Unique tags: Prestashop Etsy integration Module Prestashop Etsy Integrator Etsy Connector

With the Knowband Etsy Prestashop Integration, you may sell the goods from your Prestashop store on Etsy. It allows order management and price, inventory, and other product-related information synchronization between your Prestashop store and Using a native, Etsy Prestashop integration module, you can easily add your Prestashop store's products to the Etsy marketplace. By utilizing the Prestashop Etsy Integration, Etsy sellers have the freedom to modify their Prestashop store to suit their needs.


Major Highlights of Prestashop Etsy integration Module

By establishing communication between the Etsy API and the Etsy Prestashop addon, the owner of a Prestashop store can synchronize orders, goods, price, and inventory. The ability to build Etsy Categories and their associated attributes on the Prestashop site is one of its most crucial capabilities. In order to automatically submit the chosen product to the same category on the Etsy marketplace, it allows you to set the desired product category to the Prestashop store.


Product Listing

Using PrestaShop Etsy Integrator, products can be bulk-uploaded with synchronized product edits.


Shipments for Wallet and Referral Orders

In order to convert orders from the Etsy Marketplace into standard Prestashop Orders & Shipments, the admin can import the orders.


Payment and Shipping Crons

The management of inventory, prices, and orders is automated through cron jobs.


Error Notification:

Any errors that happen when uploading products are noted. A button for errors then appears on the grid.


Management of Etsy orders:

New orders placed on are automatically imported into the Prestashop store with all necessary information as it is on


Synchronized Inventory:

Knowband is specially made to grow in scenarios with large volume, high SKU count, and multiple suppliers.


Real-time stock update:

As soon as your local store updates its stock status or as soon as Etsy marks an item as shipped, stocks are automatically updated on both ends.


Why Choose Knowband?


We value innovation and putting out fresh ideas. We are a group of top-notch programmers who have received Prestashop's Superhero Level Expertise Ranking. Since 2012, Knowband has been a PrestaShop Premium Partner and Superhero vendor. Their team of knowledgeable and experienced developers has been working on PrestaShop Modules. We offer more than 100 PrestaShop modules for all of your eCommerce requirements, including building a fantastic website, streamlining checkout, integrating your online store with leading marketplaces, and creating mobile apps.


We have a dedicated and effective customer support team that offers timely and effective assistance. In our modules, we also offer the custom change service.

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