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Wordpress Plugin: MailChimp for WordPress

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Looking to get more email subscribers for your MailChimp lists? This plugin will be a BIG help by adding sign-up forms and sign-up checkboxes to your WordPress website.

Easily build beautiful sign-up forms and display them in your posts, pages and widget areas.

Add "sign up to our newsletter" checkboxes to your comment form, contact forms or any form you like, making subscribing to your list(s) effortless for your visitors.

Plugin Features

  •     Easily create a highly customizable sign-up form
  •     Show a sign-up form in your posts or pages using a simple shortcode [mc4wp_form]
  •     Show a sign-up form in your sidebar or footer using a simple to use form widget.
  •     Add a "sign-up to our newsletter" checkbox to your comment form or any other form you like.
  •     Built-in integration with Contact Form 7, BuddyPress, WordPress MultiSite and bbPress.
  •     Configuring this plugin is easy, all you need is your MailChimp API key.

Premium features

The premium version comes with better and unlimited forms, easier form styling, an unlocked field wizard, detailed statistics and priority support.

Sign-Up Forms

This plugin comes with an easy but flexible way to build sign-up forms for your MailChimp lists.

With the add field tool you can easily customize field labels, placeholders etcetera and have the HTML generated for you. If you want more control, you can just write the form mark-up yourself.

Use the [mc4wp_form] shortcode to display a sign-up form in your posts or pages or use the widget to show it in your widget areas, like your sidebar or footer.

Sign-Up Checkboxes

Subscribing to your MailChimp lists should be easy for your visitors. This plugin gives you the option to add sign-up checkboxes to various forms so all your visitors have to do to subscribe is tick the checkbox.

You can add sign-up checkboxes to your comment form, Contact Form 7 forms or any other form you like.

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