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Wordpress Plugin: Easy Contact Forms

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Easy Contact Forms sharply targeted at site visitors' needs.

Top 7 features:

  •     Visitor friendly contact forms.
  •     Easy to use contact form builder.
  •     Various contact form field types and field customization tools.
  •     Reasonable anti-spam protection and multiple data validation layers.
  •     Multiple contact form management.
  •     Advanced contact form entry management tool.
  •     Easy to use GUI.

1. Visitor friendly contact forms.

No one likes filling out forms. This is an axiom. A good contact form is a contact form, which is comfortable for site visitors. Period. A contact form, designed in a visitor friendly way, is never an accident. There are too many things to consider: form responsiveness, label placement, form design or suggestions you add. The world admires people who has brilliant intuition, but, for the rest of us, there is only one working formula: MEASURE and CHANGE, and then MEASURE and CHANGE again. Anyone can select the measurement tool they want to use: which one they like better, Google analytics or the amount of cash he has in his pocket. Easy Contact Forms is a tool helping to change a site's front door (Aka a contact form). A minute will be enough to change the contact form layout. A few minutes will be enough to add several fields. Testing the results of the improvements on every 100 or so of visitors, you will eventually make your contact form friendly and comfortable for your site visitors. Easy Contact Forms will help you.

2. Easy to use contact form builder.

No one likes bothering with complex, pointless tasks that have no purpose now or in the future. If you were to ask us the best way to learn the best way to create a contact form, we would answer, "Why are you learning how to create contact forms at all? Don't you have more important things to do for your business?" The intuitive drag and drop interface does not assume that you have knowledge of programming or web design.

3. Various contact form field types and field customization.

Please see the Easy Contact Forms FAQ Section.

4. Reasonable anti-spam protection and several validation layers.

When we say reasonable, we're assuming that you know how to increase the contact form anti-spam protection when it is necessary. Hidden fields, along with several built-in anti-spam filters, will do the job transparently for site visitors. Easy Contact Forms supports both server and client side contact form submission data validation. Client side contact form validation guarantees that a site visitor gets instant feedback, allowing making quick corrections. Server side validation guarantees that a contact form will work in browsers, when JavaScript is disabled. Server side validation plays a crucial role of contact form's second line of defense.

5. Multiple contact form management.

If you need more than one contact form, you may create several. Each contact form may play different roles, and collect different information.

6. Contact form entry management.

The plugin provides an excellent back-end interface allowing easy contact form entry management. Several fields allow you to connect a contact form with the contact database. The Site User field allows connecting ECF user profiles with WordPress user accounts.

7. Easy to use GUI.

Easy Contact Forms have a lot of useful GUI features.

  •     Ajax based contact form settings GUI.
  •     Advanced data filtering and scrolling.
  •     Tab based interfaces.
  •     Splash screens and tooltips.

8. File management.

  •     Add several file upload buttons to one contact form.
  •     Insert file upload links to contact form notification and confirmation email messages.
  •     Attach files to contact form notificaiotn email messages.
  •     File management functions.
  •     File access management.


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