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Wordpress Plugin: BulletProof Security

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htaccess Core Website Security (Firewalls)

WordPress Website Security Protection: BulletProof Security protects your WordPress website against XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection... hacking attempts. One-click .htaccess WordPress security protection. Protects wp-config.php, bb-config.php, php.ini, php5.ini, install.php and readme.html with .htaccess security protection. Security Logging. HTTP Error Logging. Login Security/Login Monitoring: Log All Account Logins or Log Only Account Lockouts. Website Maintenance Mode (HTTP 503). Additional website security checks: DB errors off, file and folder permissions check... System Info: PHP, MySQL, OS, Server, Memory Usage, IP, SAPI, DNS, Max Upload... Built-in .htaccess file Editor.

Login Security & Monitoring Website Security

Login Security & Login Monitoring: Log All User Account Logins or Log Only User Account Lockouts (see Screenshot). Brute Force Login Security Protection. Email alerting options allow you to choose 5 different email alerting options: Choose to have email alerts sent when a User Account is locked out, An Administrator Logs in, An Administrator Logs in and when a User Account is locked out, Any User logs in and when a User Account is locked out or Do Not Send Email Alerts. Choose Standard WP Error Messages or Generic Error Messages for Login Security Stealth Mode. Choose to Enable or Disable Login Password Reset capability for Login Security Stealth Mode. See BulletProof Security Login Security & Monitoring Features for additional features and options.

Why is .htaccess Website Security So Much Better Than Any Other Type ofWebsite Security?

The answer is very simple - .htaccess files (distributed configuration files) are processed first before any other code on your website. In other words, hackers malicious scripts are stopped by BulletProof Security .htaccess files/Firewalls before those scripts even have a chance to reach the php coding in WordPress. BulletProof Security uses .htaccess website security files, which are specific to Apache Linux Servers. Please read the FAQ page for Server compatibility questions.

Security Log File Automation - Automatically Zipped, Emailed and Replaced

Security Log files are automatically zipped, emailed and replaced with a new blank Security Log file when the log file reaches the maximum file size setting that you choose. By Default BulletProof Security sets this DB option to zip, email and replace the Security Log file when it reaches 500KB. The Security Log file is checked once per hour with a WordPress Cron. The optimum recommended file size setting is 500KB.

BulletProof Security Fast and Simple with No Manual Configuration Required

The BulletProof Security WordPress Security plugin is designed to be a fast, simple and one click security plugin to add .htaccess website security protection for your WordPress website. Activate .htaccess website security and .htaccess website under maintenance modes from within your WordPress Dashboard - no FTP required. The BulletProof Security WordPress plugin is a one click security solution that creates, copies, renames, moves or writes to the provided BulletProof Security .htaccess master files. BulletProof Security protects both your Root website folder and wp-admin folder with .htaccess website security protection, as well as providing additional website security protection.

BulletProof Security allows you to add .htaccess website security protection from within the WordPress Dashboard so that you do not have to access your website via FTP or your Web Host Control Panel in order to add website security protection for your WordPress site. BulletProof Security Modes: Root .htaccess security protection, wp-admin .htaccess security protection, Deny All .htaccess self protection, WordPress default .htaccess mode and .htaccess Maintenance Mode (503 Website Under Maintenance). In BulletProof Security Mode your WordPress website is protected from XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection hacking attempts.

BulletProof Security Maintenance Mode

BulletProof Security Maintenance Mode allows you to create your custom website under maintenance page within BulletProof Security and activate Maintenance Mode to put your website in maintenance mode. Maintenance Mode allows website developers or website owners to access and work on a website while a 503 Website Under Maintenance page is displayed to all other visitors to the website. Allow access to your WordPress Dashboard for only yourself or add additional IP addresses to allow mulitple IP addresses access to your WP Dashboard while in maintenance mode.

BulletProof Security Additional Website Security Protection

WordPress is already very secure, but every website, no matter what type of platform it is built on should have additional website security measures in place as a standard. BulletProof Security provides that additional website security protection that every website should have.

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