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Wordpress Plugin: Stop Spammers

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Stop Spammers uses more than 15 different ways to detect spammers. It checks Logins, Registrations, and comments for spam users and blocks them when it finds them. Stop Spammers Eliminates 99% of spam registrations and comments. Checks all attempts to leave spam against, Project Honeypot, BotScout, DNSBL lists such as, known spammer hosts such as Ubiquity Servers, disposable email addresses, very long email address and names, and HTTP_ACCEPT header. Checks for robots that hit your site too fast, and puts a fake comment and login screen where only spammers will find them.

The Stop Spammers Plugin now checks for spammer IPs much earlier in the comment and registration process. When it detects a spammer IP, the plugin stops WordPress from completing any further operations and an access denied message is presented to the spammer. You control the access denied message, or you can redirect the spammer to another page or website.

How the plugin works:

This plugin checks against, Project Honeypot and BotScout to to prevent spammers from registering or making comments. The Stop Spammers plugin works by checking the IP address, email and user id of anyone who tries to register, login, or leave a comment. This effectively blocks spammers who try to register on blogs or leave spam. It checks a users credentials against up to three databases: Stop Forum Spam, Project Honeypot, and BotScout. Optionally checks against Akismet for Logins and Registrations.

Optionally the plugin will also check for disposable email addresses, check for the lack of a HTTP_ACCEPT header, and check against several DNSBL lists such as It also checks against spammer hosts like Ubiquity-Nobis, XSServer, Balticom, Everhost, FDC, Exetel, Virpus and other servers, which are a major source of Spam Comments.

Rejects very long email addresses and very long author names since spammers can't resist putting there message everywhere. It also rejects form POST data where there is no HTTP_REFERER header, because spammers often forget to include the referring site information in their software.

The plugin will install a "Red Herring" comment form that will be invisible to normal users. Spammers will find this form and try to do their dirty deed using it. This results in the IP address being added to the deny list. This feature is turned off by default because the form might screw up your theme. Turn the option on and check your theme. If the form (a one pixel box) changes your theme presentation then turn the feature off. I highly recommend that you try this option. It stops a ton of spam.

The plugin can check how long it takes a spammer to read the comment submit form and then post the comment. If this takes less than 4 seconds, then the commenter is a spammer. A human cannot fill out email, comment, and then submit the comment in less than 4 seconds.

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