Woocommerce Checkout Manager Plugin by FmeAddons

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Wordpress Plugin: Woocommerce Checkout Manager Plugin by FmeAddons

CMS: WordPress Version: 3.8 Type: plugin Extension Topic: Shopping Cart

Woocommerce Checkout manager plugin allows you to add ten type of custom fields on the checkout page. Merchandisers can collect the extra information about an order with the help of this plugin. You can make additional checkout fields voluntary or obligatory.

This custom checkout fields Woocommerce checkout manager plugin helps you to make the order process quick by obtaining additional information from customers at one place. You can also configure title for each custom field as per your requirement.
This module will only cost you $ 79.99.

Ten different types of fields are:
Select box
Date Picker
Time Picker
File/image upload
Radio button
Check box
Text area


More Info:Woocommerce Checkout Manager

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