Woocommerce Add product Options Plugin by FMEaddons

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Wordpress Plugin: Woocommerce Add product Options Plugin by FMEaddons

CMS: WordPress Version: 3.8 Type: plugin Extension Topic: Shopping Cart

Do you want to acquire more information about your products from your valued customers to customize the product according to their need?

Then, Woocommerce Additional custom option plugin by FmeAddons is the best module to have.Because this woocommerce add on  allows you to add unlimited product fields for individual or a group of products so that users can get more information about the products. 

Customers can also see their entered details on the checkout page. Woocommerce product options plugin also offers you to add various fields such as area, radio buttons custom field, drop-down, file, multiple select, date and time to product page.

You can add multiple options according to your product requirements. This amazing woocommerce product add on cost you only  $99.99.

Compatible With: Woocommerce 2.4.7 & Higher

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