WordPress Image Watermark Plugin by FMEAddons

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Wordpress Plugin: WordPress Image Watermark Plugin by FMEAddons

CMS: WordPress Version: 2.1 Type: plugin Extension Topic: Admin Desk

WooCommerce and WordPress image watermark plugin allow business owners to secure their product images from internet grabbers by adding watermark images and watermark text. You can add rules to online photos from the backend and automatically assign to the main product thumbnail images and other product images like the catalog, pop-ups etc. WordPress image watermark plugin is fully customizable, these customizable options enable you to make changes to watermarks including margins, font, opacity and set positions from the 9 different positions of the image.

Benefits of this Plugin:

1. It helps business owners to secure their images on the web

2. Show watermark in 9 different positions to prevent your images from being cropped

3. Original text from the owners enables customers to easily recognize the main owner of the product 

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