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Sometime you may require customers to ask for quotes along with their specific needs for the purchase. It has many reasons such as if they want to bulk purchase, get personalized products from you, need customization with original products and others alike. Magento Email Quote Pro extension by MageComp provides customers to send their shopping cart in Email to admin with all the selected attributes. Thus you get whole shopping cart of customers with various selections and get idea to decide pricing based on.

 Why choose MageComp’s Magento Email Quote Pro extension:

·         You can enable the extension for the products such as costly products like machinery, personalized products like bed and furniture, precious jewelry and many more.
·         Set form label for the form button in shopping cart page on which customers click to fill details and send their shopping cart in Email to admin.
·         Set Email ID on which you want to receive customers shopping cart.
·         Choose template for the Email from backend.
·         Customers can even purchase product and checkout along with sending quote.
·         You can create order from backend & send order Quote through Emails to customers.
·         Even you can apply coupon code directly while creating quote from backend.
·         You can use custom price feature of default Magento while creating quote from backend.
·         You can even edit quote from backend and send the quote again in Email to customers.
·         Customers get Email with the products added to cart and can click to directly checkout.
·         Option to Send blank carbon copy of customers cart on different Email IDs.












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