WP Media Folder - Media Manager with Folders

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Wordpress Plugin: WP Media Folder - Media Manager with Folders

CMS: WordPress Version: 4.8 Type: plugin Extension Topic: Images Unique tags: Media Folder Image folder media wp wordpress media browser drag drop

 Stop searching for an image through thousands of media, and instead just navigate like you do on your desktop file browser. You'll be able to upload and drag'n drop media into folders and sub-folders.

WP Media Folder is a real time-saver plugin, with it, you can manage and order files and images, from the native WordPress media manager. Using the default WordPress media manager also means that the plugin will be highly compatible with all the other plugins that you're using. There's nothing else to add, just watch our demo to get a clear idea of what you can do with it. The plugin also includes an enhanced version of the WordPress gallery manager, with themes + a NextGEN Gallery importer.


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