VirtueMart 3.8 Release

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Joomla News: VirtueMart 3.8 Release

VirtueMart 3.8 has been carried out with lots of improvements and new features for developers and shop owners. Besides, VirtueMart 3.8 also is prepared for Joomla 4 compatibility.



The major change in VirtueMart 3.8 is the new optimizations sparing massive SQL requests using booleans to decide to load data from a xref table. It indicates a 5 times faster load time when testing with more than 200 categories. Now, VirtueMart database keys are shorten to the first 50 values then it can be used as searchable value.


Another new feature in VirtueMart 3.8 is VirtueMart native Language Switcher. It allows to create any SEF Urls for different languages. It can switch from product details or just the account maintenance without landing on the homepage.


What's New in VirtueMart 3.8?




  • Using booleans to decide if the data of an xref table should be loaded - saving large SQL queries
  • Enhanced category tree building
  • Finally Final keys for customfield_value
  • Added static to function getProductListing
  • If automaticSelectedPayment/Shipment is set to none, the whole trigger plgVmOnCheckAutomaticSelected is not longer executed
  • Replaced overpowered md5 for hash replaced against crc32 or removed completely
  • renderVendorFullVendorList is cached now
  • Increased size of vendor_terms_of_service to mediumtext
  • Function getProductChildIds extended and cache added
  • customfield C uses now function getProductChildIds in the product model (cached)
  • Smarter loading of parent category in backend category view


Enhanced Features for Shop


  • Coupon handling enhancements - additions included from Creative Momentum Ltd
  • Featured products load 3 times more than necessary to shuffle with PHP (Random per sql is not really random).
  • Snippet ld-json and double quote in product descriptions
  • Revenue report: added date_presets for reporting over previous two years with totals available by year/month
  • FE managing link, add new product link, notify me link buttonized


New Features for Shop


  • Colors for shipment methods in the admin order list
  • Added config options for sql - optimization
  • Added config option to disable layout overrides
  • Added tool reset_Has_x_Fields to updatesmigration view, which sets all "has_" fields to NULL
  • Hidden config populateEmptyST (ShipTo details remain empty and do not get auto populate by the details in the BillTo details)
  • Hidden config shoppergroupDontSaveCart - dont store carts for logged in users if in specified shoppergroups
  • Product model added hidden config changeCategoryRemoveFilter


Enhanced Features for Developers


  • Added loading of "searchable" also for the cart
  • Enhanced recognition of frontend manager
  • tableupdater enhanced being more failproof by RuposTel
  • Changed function isImage so, that it takes now a full url and not just the extension as input parameter. The parameter before was quite useless, because half of the work of the function is to get the file extension.
  • medihahandler - enhanced display of the options upload, replace
  • Standard payment has now also the method as variable in the layout post_payment
  • ensureUniqueId correctly implemented for radiolists for multivariants
  • Added variable show_notify to product model based on the order min level (not just 1 as before)
  • vmprices, enhanced the lines catching the add to cart button
  • Added function resetEntireCart to cart

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