Say hello to Aurum. We Bring up the Joomla extension on next level.

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Joomla News: Say hello to Aurum. We Bring up the Joomla extension on next level.

Hi, dudes. The new era in Joomla extensions development is starting now, with Balbooa team.

Yeah...yeah, you understand us correctly we announcing that Balbooa team are start developing Joomla extensions on new highest level.

It is important not only what is outside but inside too. Imagine that you are living in a house. Yes it a house and it is perfect performs the role of house, you can live in it, eat in it, sleep in it, outside the house looks like a lot of similar houses, but not all so simple. Inside you have a standard design and usability like brick wall without wallpaper and paint, cold cement floor, no furniture, light, kitchen stuff e.t.c. You feel like your house is not your home, it is cold, it is not cozy, but outside it is still looking like house and do its work.

The same thing is in the website administration. You switching your computer on, enter your website, with a words " what an awesome website I have", then open admin area, and... oops, it is not pretty is a website is. While your visitors enjoy the beauty of your front-end - you have spent your time in not cool admin area. Balbooa team will save you from that.


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