Ways to Optimize Your Brand for Success Sale Season

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Joomla News: Ways to Optimize Your Brand for Success Sale Season

The most exciting sale season of the year - Black Friday & Cyber Monday is coming. It is reported that 2019 Black Friday approached $7.2 billion in digital sales in the U.S. alone. That’s up 14% over last year. Globally, Salesforce says sales hit $20 billion as other countries participate in Black Friday sales, even if they don’t have a U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.


Ways to Optimize Your Brand for Success Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale Season


If you're selling something, you should consider Black Friday & Cyber Monday in your marketing plan. And now, we will show you how to Optimize Your Brand for Success This Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale Season.



Optimize Your Brand for Success Sale Season


1. Prepare Your Website


For different campaigns, we should prepare your website with different trends, images. For example, in Halloween, you can decorate some scary characters on your website, or snow, Santa Claus for Christmas Day. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can add some Black Friday banners, landing pages, popup with black & red color to promote your website. Whenever visitors surf your website, they will see the sales, offers information.


2. Promote your Campaign


Social media is now the biggest and most effective marketing channel for any business. You must consider to promote your products, sales, offers on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram... Make your marketing materials be eye-catching and impressive, it is easier for customers to find. It is the key for converting your customers.


3. Social eCommerce


As mentioned, Social media is now the biggest online marketing platform. And we must admit that we are now more likely to make a purchase based on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest than other marketing forms, specially during the Covid-19 disaster.


It means that it is more important to make your products, services available and shoppable on social media. With the introduction of Facebook Shops, Instagram shops, and Pinterest Shopping Ads , you can easily make your products purchasable on these popular social media.


4. Boost Conversion by Video


Product review video is being a strong marketing tool for any business. It is more convinced for customers to buy a product or service after watching its review video. It helps customers have a real look on the product, service. So, there is no reason that we do not use video marketing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign. Do not forget to share your review videos on social media. You can reach a huge number of audience on social channel.

In conclusion, it is the combination of many marketing tools for a success sale season. Besides taking care of your main website, social media is the most benefit marketing channel nowadays. Based on your products, services' features, you can select the most suitable methods to promote your campaign.

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