Joomla 4.0 Will Come With Bootstrap 5

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Joomla News: Joomla 4.0 Will Come With Bootstrap 5

If you are following the Joomla 4 release, there's an interesting news for you. The Joomla Production Leadership Team decided to ship Joomla with the latest version of Bootstrap 5 framework.


The biggest benefit of using Bootstrap 5 would be the amount of time the major version of Bootstrap would be supported. Joomla 4 will launch with the current and not an old version of Bootstrap giving developers and designers better support for the life of Joomla 4.

Although Bootstrap 5 currently is in beta stage, but the Bootstrap project has no plans to introduce any new major changes in this 5.0 release. And past versions have shown that Bootstrap has been stable even when in the beta stage.

Joomla 4.0 is in the beta phase. This is still a large issue before releasing, but it will not introduce any breaking changes from here on.

Bootstrap 4 has jQuery whereas Bootstrap 5 is independent of jQuery. And Bootstrap 4 requires to deal with the right to left languages where as Bootstrap 5 deals with the RtL and LtR changes.

The conversion at time of writing this has been almost finished and expected to be done in a very short timeframe. It looks like the conversion is at the 95% mark already, it is reasonable to expect that that last 5% would not be delayed in a noticeable way.

In conclusion, Joomla 4 already has many great features. Developers will have the benefit of a next generation CSS framework decoupled from jQuery and packed with the features they need to make their extensions perform at their best. It will make integration with other frameworks easier. Joomla 4 will also benefit from Right to Left support, all reasons to embrace this change. The upgrading to Bootstrap 5 will finish off the work of building a new major Joomla version with an up to date CSS framework and ensure the longevity of the Joomla 4 release well into the future.

Additionally, Joomla 4 will support an official version of jQuery to help unify developers who still use jQuery and allow easy addition of jQuery to extensions that are not using native, if required.

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To use this big version, you need to make sure your Joomla site is ready for the latest 3.x version. Please follow this article for latest Joomla 3.9.24 Templates.

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