Best website templates with blog 2021

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Joomla News: Best website templates with blog 2021

Blogging on the website has never been more important and popular. Perhaps you need a personal blog or are going to blog on your online store. Maybe you want to write and showcase your creativity online. A selection of modern, high-quality 2021 templates will help you to select. When you make a choice of best website templates with a blog, focus on the main characteristics!

Main characteristics for choosing a blog website template

- Pay attention to the responsiveness of template to different device sizes. The template should compress to all sizes and be mobile-friendly. After all, your site will be viewed from phones, tablets and computers. They all have different screen sizes. Choose template with a responsive design.

- Fast loading also plays an important role. In this era of high-speed Internet no one will wait until your site is fully loaded and the user will just close the tab with your site. So, pay attention to how quickly it loads.

- Also the main advantage of blog templates is that they are multifunctional and can cover any subject site. You can build a real estate website, a car site or any other topic and easily give a start to your blog! The only thing to consider is if the basis of your blog will be the photo and video content, choose a site template that will have the necessary features for uploading and beautifully displaying photos and videos.

Traveler - modern Joomla blog template

traveler, modern Joomla blog template

The template is positioned as a personal blogger site of traveler. Perfect for one-person blog page. It shows each blogger's journey with photos and videos. Also, has possibility of selling goods brought from travel through the site.

Main advantages:

  • Responsive design
  • Designed for a huge amount of photo and video content
  • Added ability to ecommerce features
  • Possibility to sort blog posts
  • The ability to communicate social networks with website
  • Extended functionality in the blogger template gives you the opportunity to create not only a blog site


  • There is no shopping cart, the order must be placed by filling out the form

More Information check on link - modern Joomla blog template

Writer - author website template

writer, author website template

The design is made in black and white style. Perfect blogger templates for writers, poets, publicist. There are also features for the sale of books, respectively, it is possible to create a site for a bookstore.

Main advantages:

  • Creative responsive design
  • Ability to add your own books
  • Registration form for other users to your website
  • Ability to sell not only your books through the site, but also to download content from Amazon
  • Supports RTL languages
  • Virtuemart solution


  • If you do not like the black and white design of Writer, you will have to manually change the color scheme
  • A huge amount of functionality. If you do not plan to trade books, you will have to delete some programs

More Information check on link - author website template

Love story - family tree website template

love story, family tree website template

Family tree site template designed for big family blog. He provides all the necessary categories to create large family website. An interesting advantage of this family web design is the ready-made family tree.

Main advantages:

  • mobile friendly
  • Family themed website design
  • large family blogging opportunities
  • Designed for a huge amount of photo and video content
  • ready-made form for creating a family tree
  • the ability to change the style of the site


  • Finished form of the family tree may not coincide with yours, you may have to edit

More Information check on link - family tree website template

Lingerie store - Virtuemart Joomla Template

lingerie store, vertuemart joomla template

Open your online store together with Lingerie store website template. The design is created specifically for lingerie, but will adapt to any online store. It demonstrates one of the best options for blogging in online store.

Main advantages:

  • Universal design, suitable for the creation of any type of store
  • Mobile responsive
  • Pop-up buttons
  • Ability to maintain a store blog with lots of photos and video
  • Gallery with various hover effects
  • Ability to filter and sort products
  • Social network icons
  • Registration and subscribe form
  • Flexible header and footer menu
  • Virtuemart solution


  • Filter with a small set of characteristics. You will have to adjust and create it yourself
  • Blog posts are not configured to add comments. If necessary, you will have to set it up manually

More Information check on link - virtuemart joomla template

Simplest - blog portfolio joomla template

simplest, blog portfolio joomla template

Simplest opens up the opportunity to create a website for bloggers with the ability to showcase their portfolios. Modern, creative design of template designed specifically for creative people who wanted show they works in internet. Also, has possibility to e-commerce.


  • Creative and mobile adaptive design
  • Ecommerce features
  • Possibility demonstrate portfolio with unlimited photos
  • Interesting hover effect on photos
  • Ability to sort blog posts
  • Blog posts are organized into categories
  • Ability to create slideshow with video and photos
  • Portfolio demonstration with text content and order button
  • Social share buttons
  • Ability to use not only one person, but also the company
  • Supports rtl language


  • The design is made in a creative style, not really suitable for companies where a more restrained design is needed

More Information check on link - blog portfolio joomla template

Now you've seen the best website templates with a blog, choose a website topic and start your own best blog

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