Accessible Joomla MegaMenu updated

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Joomla News: Accessible Joomla MegaMenu updated

The latest DJ-MegaMenu update comes with an improved way of accessible menu keyboard navigation that improves the experience for users using a keyboard to navigate the menu.

Tab and arrow keys work now differently, and it's now clearly specified what happens when you press the arrows. This change also affects the submenu, which no longer appears automatically and opens using only the down/up arrow.

We made introduced changes according to the WAI-ARIA practices on menubar site navigation.

Keyboard support is implemented for:


Horizontal Menubar that contains menu items (elements) which are:

Linked elements with no submenu

Linked elements that contain a submenu

Separator elements that contain a submenu

Child submenus that:

Include elements that may contain multiple vertically arranged items

Include submenus with other vertically arranged items

Include submenus divided into columns as a separate set of a vertical menu element 

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