Add FAQ sections in Joomla articles with DJ-Tabs (inspired by Google)

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Joomla News: Add FAQ sections in Joomla articles with DJ-Tabs (inspired by Google)

Check the latest tutorial and see how easy it is to create FAQ sections inside Joomla articles with DJ-Tabs

This step-by-step guide provides all the needed information. Read it to learn how to recreate the in-article FAQ sections without entering any code into articles.

The idea was inspired by Google FAQs in their help articles.

In this article, we'dd like to guide you on setting up the FAQ section you can insert into the articles or module positions anywhere on your Joomla website.

You will not need to use any code in articles to create the FAQs, and you will be able to re-use the once-created FAQ section in multiple places on the website. In addition to the easy process of creating of mentioned FAQs, they'll be dynamic, so you would not need to update the articles with FAQs when some new question arises or when you want to update the FAQ.

We'll be using DJ-Tabs Joomla tabs and accordions extension for this purpose.

Even though the DJ-Tabs is a tabs extension, you can use the included feature to hide the Tab header, and this way, the FAQs do not look like tabs.

The effect of this tutorial can be seen on our Demo page for DJ-Tabs. 

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