5 Best Joomla translation components

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Joomla News: 5 Best Joomla translation components

If you have questions about best Joomla translation components, if you want make your Joomla website multilingual use Joomla translation extension. 100 cms presents 5 Best Joomla translation components, you can find free joomla translation components and commercial translation components.


1.Sef Translate - Joomla translation component

Sef Translate - Automatic translation is an excellent translation component from OrdaSoft. Sef Translate - Automatic translations supports Google Translation API key and Bing. Sef Translate as best Joomla translation component includes three algorithm of translating, you can choose most optimal algorithm for your website. With help Sef Translate - best free joomla translation component you can translate any part of the content of site. Sef Translate provides possibility to save pages to database and to file. With help best Joomla translation component you can create your site map in 80 languages, using JooMap, JM Sitemap, XMap. Choose one of the three variants of Sef Translate: download free joomla translation component, PRO Commercial $89, PRO $39,99 and make your Joomla site multilingual.

Best features of Sef Translate - Automatic translations

  • 80 languages
  • Possible create Map for main menu
  • Option for tune Use save for Site Map or not
  • Button for clear site map cache
  • Possibility configure Site default language
  • Language bar with flags
  • Site map on 80 languages
  • Google and Bing Translation API
  • Ajax translate
  • URL manager and free Support for PRO Commercial
  • XML and HTML site map for PRO

Sef Translate Automatic translations - best Joomla translation component


2.JA Multilingual Component - Joomla translation component

JA Multilingual Component is a free joomla translation component. You can use the possibility of JA Multilingual Component for your website. Make automatic translation will be simple if you use JA Multilingual Component with many good elements and also you can download free joomla translation component. Best Joomla translation component takes the translate from language from the default site language. All other installed languages will be available as option to translate the default language to. With this free joomla translation component you can install multiple languages in one go for translation. With just one click the component will translate the default content to all the preferred installed languages. You can access all the translated items in one place via the association manager. You can even update the translations manually via this feature. JA Multilingual Component has such benefits compared with other best Joomla translation components: good association manager, translate Meta description and Meta keywords, you can translate extensions like EasyBlog or K2.

Best features of JA Multilingual Component

  • BING translator and Google Translate
  • Select any language to translate
  • Multi languages installation
  • Translate all languages in one go
  • Easy Association management
  • Translate meta descriptions and meta keywords too

JA Multilingual Component - free joomla translation component


3.GTranslate - Joomla translation component

GTranslate is a Joomla language translation component, witch uses Google Translate and has 81 available languages for your website. This makes it possible to draw more than 90% of internet users. Free joomla translation component enables make automatic translator. Very simple joomla language translation component gets the need to translate a webpage super fast and easy. You can download free joomla translation component, witch works well in most cases, but GTranslate does not work well with Jomsocial. Apparently Jquery translates some variables in each line and add a% sign and also off the accounts when changing languages. The rest works perfectly.

Best features of GTranslate

  • Mouse over effect
  • Analytics feature
  • On Fly translation available
  • Flags combined in one file to load faster
  • Option to open translated page in new window
  • Available styles Dropdown/Flags/flags with dropdown

GTranslate - download free joomla translation component


4.JV Bing Translator - Joomla translation component

JV Bing Translator is a best Joomla translation component that uses Microsoft’s Bing Translate API. Users will be able to use it to translate site into any of the languages supported by this particular translation tool. The language choice can be displayed in both flag and choice box form. Free joomla translation component installed and configured in a couple of minutes, worked right away in Joomla 2.5.7, has very fast Ajax translation. Best Joomla translation component doesn't requires get an API code and has not toolbar appearing above the page. JV Bing Translator has such problem as the admin section shows error multilist field type not defined.

Best features of GTranslate

  • Drop down box
  • Display flags with a great range of languages to choose from
  • Good support

JV Bing Translator - good joomla language translation component


5.JV Translate - Joomla translation component

JV Translate extension is installed very easily and just as easily configured. Joomla language translation component includes Google Translate API, and supporting for both joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5 versions. You can use free joomla translation component to translate website, the site will be translated so fast by Ajax tech. If you download free joomla translation component, you will see that JV Translate has more options, you can show it by Flags or classical display. JV Translate has one problem: Jquery conflict with artisteer and it doesnt work with flags just with dropdown list. JV Translate is a good automatic translation joomla extension.

Best features of JV Translate

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Google Translate API
  • New translate mode

JV Translate - good automatic translation joomla extension

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