Sixbros - Joomla one page template. All content in one place

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Joomla News: Sixbros - Joomla one page template. All content in one place

Hi, dudes. The simplest way to show your content is to put it in one place. So today we present the most lightest Joomla one page template that is available on the market.


What is important for artist? To create a superior products and easily show them to public. We think that the main part of time they must direct to creation, following this idea we created our next from the list of Joomla templates - Joomla one page template "SixBros".


With "SixBros" you don't have to waste time on understanding how to manage all pages in a way to make website simple and superior. It has just one page, where all content from information to your works gathered in one place, you just have to do one action - scroll. We even removed the blog from our template, because works can tell much more. It was the best solution because artist don't have time to write boring blog posts, they just want to create.


Our Joomla one page template "SixBros" was developed not only for creative artists, it is superiorly suits to company, corporate website. It takes a little time for your client to see all information about your company, your projects and services. They will definitely propose you a project, because "SixBros" convince them and "Our team" section finish them! That is our first one page template for Joomla!, all Family members can download it now from their Profiles, as for others just read and get it!


Read the full article and see the video review on our website.

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