Pet Shop Website Template

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Joomla News: Pet Shop Website Template

Meet Pet Shop Website Template

Meet new Pet Shop Website Template. It perfectly suits for selling animals food, toys, accessories and other useful things. Template has all useful features for creating online shop, has creative and 100% responsive design, CEO optimization, detailed documentation and waiting just for you! Check the demo right now.


pet shop website template new


Tones of Filters

Pet shop has tones of filters. You can search by keywords, category, type, material and more. Also there is dynamic Range Sliders which can be used to search by price, weight, height and other parameters.


pet shop website template filters


Products Section

The most important part of this template is opportunnity to sell your products. Create a page with photo of product, add description (category, type, color, weight etc.) set a price, add title, text, buttons and more.


pet shop website template products


Joomla Gallery

Image Joomla Gallery is a simple gallery extension for creating amazing photo galleries on your website. Check more opportunities of Joomla Gallery in our article.


pet shop website template gallery


Animated Counter

Want to add something what makes your website looks alive? Look at an animated counter on this template! It looks amazing and shows the amount of happy clients and positive feedback. Also a cute picture on the background and smooth hover effects makes it look wonderful.


pet shop website template counter


Contact Us Pop Up

With visible and effective Contact Us page the chance to get a feedback is much heigher. So we add a few ways to contact to you. For example a crative pop up "call back" button right in the header, you definately won't miss it. Also there is a contact us page with comfortable form, map, all contact information and opening hours.


pet shop website template pop up


Mega Menu

A Mega Menu on the website allows you to add more information and make it simple for visiters to find an information they are looking for. There is possible to add image, text and even an entire post with produc information. More about Mega Menu and how to add it to the website.


pet shop website template mega menu


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