New MVC structure for Joomla

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Joomla News: New MVC structure for Joomla

Only best Joomla news from 100cms. On 100cms you can find the latest Themes, Extensions and News for your CMS. The project GSoC 2014 was submitted pull request, which includes a new MVC framework for Joomla. Changes quite a lot.


Changes of Joomla:

  • Single Task controllers
  • Much code cleanup controllers
  • Nested structure models
  • Completely rewritten by the use of presentation JLayouts
  • Easy setup
  • Compartment html representation type from other types (feed, vcf, json, etc)
  • Removing JObject from all areas of MVC classesResponsive design

At the moment, there is a discussion and improvement of the code, but in general developers can already start learning a new structure MVC. Once the pull request to be included in the core of Joomla, we will try to highlight the main changes compared to the current MVC structure.


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