Gantry framework 5 from RocketTheme!

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Joomla News: Gantry framework 5 from RocketTheme!

Hurry!!! Latest Joomla news from 100cms!!! Most recently, RocketTheme presented CMS Grav, which is not used database. And now a new great news - the announcement of a new version of the gantry framework from RocketTheme for creating Joomla templates and WordPress themes. As the authors state, Gantry framework 5 is created with a focus on the future, so for the seed developers have published the minimum system requirements of the framework.

Requirements of RocketTheme Gantry framework:

  • WordPress 4+
  • Joomla 3.4+
  • PHP 5.4+
  • The latest version of Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Opera, IE9 (limited support), and IE10 +

Well, looking at them, we understand that in the near future Gantry framework should not wait, in the best case we get a beta version in mid-2015. At the same time it is obvious that many users will have to update the hosting platform and Joomla itself to use the new templates. Of the benefits, we note that in the PHP 5.4 Joomla and WP are faster, and the code that developers write, will be cleaner and clearer. In addition, the developers said that there is no backward compatibility with Gantry 4 will not (before the update from the first version to fourth painless). First version of Gantry released back in 2009. During this time, Internet-suffering big changes: there are new technologies and new opportunities. The fourth version has become quite early as monstrous pile of crutches. It should be noted that support from Gantry framework 4 RT did not refuse, and will maintain it for as long as the data will be used by the framework users.

Gantry framework 5 from RocketTheme

What is so special we should expect from the Gantry framework 5?

The developers promise make it the fastest and most reliable to date, as because the framework is written from scratch, which allows them not to use outdated technology, and focus only on the front. The key word in the development of RocketTheme framework - this flexibility. RT develop a drag-and-drop interface to create a variety of pages that allow users with little knowledge to create complex layouts directly from the administration panel without touching the code. Maybe, developers of, Gantry framework will be the fastest of all, that there are now on the market. They want to achieve this with the support of PHP since version 5.4, which will write the code without regard to compatibility, as well as do a lot of small improvements. The license for the product so do not change and remain GNU / GPL v3. To summarize: we can see that RocketTheme will update it's club, breathing new life into it, and work on innovations from Gantry, and ending with CMS Grav.


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