Best free virtuemart templates 2014

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Joomla News: Best free virtuemart templates 2014

VirtueMart templates are very popular now, but basically they all cost money. Do you want to download free virtuemart template , but you can not find any free? Today we will present you the best free virtuemart templates.

Watches Shop - free virtuemart template

Watches Shop is an elegance free virtuemart templates. Stylish and sleek design doesn't attract much attention, whereby the focus is directed to the goods sold.

This template has responsive layout, which makes it possible to purchase the goods from any device and at any convenient time. OS Joomla Social Comments and Sharing. Watches Shop has many additional details. You can acquainted with them at the Download free virtuemart template and increase the sales of your store!

Watches Shop - free virtuemart templates

Horme - free virtuemart template

Horme is a simple free virtuemart template, ideal for those, who don't need intricate and complex design and for those, who need sales. Horme has the responsive design, cross-browser layout. It has ability to customize the color of links, buttons and background image. Horme is an excellent choice for those, who love the simplicity and efficiency.

Horme - free virtuemart template

002051 - free virtuemart template

002051 is one of the awesome free virtuemart templates. The template has two versions: free and pro. The pro and the free looks spectacular. The template has a neat design, which emphasizes its lightness. The free version has the ability to customize configuration settings and design. Template supports 47 module positions, uses the built jQuery, font sizes for h5. If you want to get more options for customizing the template (the widest possible setting of the text, a logo and 12 months of free support) you will need to buy the pro version.

002051 - one of the free virtuemart templates

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