Spacious - Creative Joomla eCommerce solution

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Joomla News: Spacious - Creative Joomla eCommerce solution

In the world of similar on-line shops you need to be differ and more creative.

Word Spacious means the big free space. We understand this like the big space for creativity.  Balbooa Spacious is a Joomla eCommerce template with incredible design and powerful features for on-line store building. In Spacious template Balbooa designers implemented all creativity potential that they have accumulated since company creation. Our latest Joomla eCommerce template is completely different from any other designs that you can find on the market now. We have afforded to experiment with location of the main elements that every Joomla template has. As a result, we got the most creative template for eCommerce purpose. Spacious is excellent. It is ideal tool for building Joomla eCommerce stores.

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