How to choose the best Joomla shopping cart?

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Joomla News: How to choose the best Joomla shopping cart?


Hard question to decide what Joomla shopping cart is the best. Is it VirtueMart? Redshop? Or, maybe Mijoshop? In first instance we should determine number of the most important criterias for choosing our shopping cart for Joomla. To my mind, they are ease of installation, number of useful features, usability, documentation, support provided to users. So lets consider in detail our Joomla shopping carts.

 VirtueMart Joomla shopping cart

VirtueMart is best-known Joomla shopping cart, it is easy to install and set up, has powerful CSS configuration parameters. New version has a great number of features (e.g. tax, calculator), plugins. But some bugs also was seen. For example VM shopping cart lacks multi image upload, so if you have many goods, you must download pictures one by one. Some users suggest that this Joomla shopping cart too complicated. Also there are some problems with support. You have to wait very long to solve your problem, answers are often unclear.

VirtueMart Joomla shopping cart

Redshop Joomla shopping cart

Redshop is the most advanced webshop system with more than 100 extensions, modules and plugins. It has great templates, options, stockroom. However, some functions are hard to use and system is too complicated. If you aren’t familiar with PHP/CSS you have some difficulties with this Joomla shopping cart. The support is ok, a little slow sometimes.

Redshop Joomla shopping cart


Mijoshop Joomla shopping cart

Mijoshop is a powerful Joomla shopping cart, it has intuitive admin interface, so you can easy use and modify it. Moreover mijoshop has good documentation. The usability is great, even you are not professional user. Support staff is very helpful, they answer all your questions and help to find the further information.

Mijoshop Joomla shopping cart


So each of considered Joomla shopping carts have their own advantages and disadvantages, but final choice is yours.

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