Advantage CMS Joomla over other CMS

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Joomla News: Advantage CMS Joomla over other CMS

If you want to build a website, the first thing you should be defined with Content Management System (CMS). There are 6 basic free CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, Magento and Prestashop. Each of them is suitable for certain tasks, has its pros and cons. Today we would like to highlight the Joomla CMS and tell you about its advantages with respect to other CMS.

Joomla being developed for a long time, since 2005. Therefore during this time it has evolved along with new technologies. During this time formed a large community which will always help you with your questions, that happens very important and useful.

With Joomla created a huge number of different sites. This huge portals with a large attendance, online stores, websites - business cards, blogs, news sites and more. Joomla is the choice of professionals because of its important features and choice of beginners, since it is easy to learn. Developed a huge number of templates and extensions that allow you to make a website on any topic with any functionality. Blogs, sites for sales of real estate, cars, gallery sites. You can make a site that will automatically translate the content into any language by using the translation from Microsoft and Google in the automatic mode. An important feature of Joomla - it elegant and optimized code, which allows you to withstand heavy server load.

Online store in Jumla will not have problems even with 30 000+ added products, 5 000+ categories. It is noticed that on Joomla sites indexed quickly, do not fall from the top. All because there is no endless calendars, rubricators, and other things that increases the 50 published materials up to 15 000 pages in Google's cache. This behavior of other CMS have a negative effect on search engine optimization.

Among the other advantages may be noted the friendly mobile design, a large number of high-quality responsive template. Joomla has its own API, which appreciated by developers. Api enables the integration of extensions for Joomla is very easy and with a minimum number of possible errors.

To summarize. Joomla - a great choice for the site of almost any subject. She has no problems with the load when a large number of materials and visitors, Joomla quickly indexed by search engines. You can use a large number of templates and extensions that increases the possibilities of your site. Joomla - a great choice for the serious large sites and for small sites cards. Recommended!

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