Roockbuilder all over the world, new languages!

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Joomla News: Roockbuilder all over the world, new languages!

Roockbuilder love in all countries and we are delighted to see our Joomla Drag and Drop page builder on 8 languages.

You will now have experience to develop amazing pages and use your native language.

What languages are supported?

English, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish - the largest number of users coming from these countries.

Do you want to have Roockbuilder in your native language?

Read our documentation how to add or edit language in Roockbuilder

Joomla 3.2.0

Joomla! 3.2 is the new stable Joomla version and we Happy to announce, Roockbuilder is fully support Joomla 3.2

Enjoy Roockbuilder!

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