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Joomla News: Best affiliate programs

If you are an owner of informational site, you are looking for ways to make money on it. After a month of offering for advertisement on my site, i have found a way, that don't requires much effort. Affiliate program. Every developer site has it, you just place links or banner and do your every day SEO deeds. In my opinion i have gather best of them there.


1.Joomla Monster - affiliate program

Affiliation program of Joomla Monster is a comfortable way to earn money. The are using amazing software iDevAffiliate. There are not only beautiful banner that look great on the site, but also links to everything templates and components of the developer. At check-in affiliate program gives you $ 10 at once, and then for every ass on vashshey links - 15% of the money can be deduced from $ 50. Very attractive bonus, right?

Joomla Monster - affiliate program


2.Themefuse - affiliate program

Program that is differs from others affiliate programs. Differs not only in design, but in usability too. Registration is very simple and wouldn't take much time, you can even sign up with Facebook. Comfortable personal cabinet, in what there are your picture avatar on the wall in frame. Affiliate links are on each template and extension, even on the latest templates. If you do not like links, that are given, you can create a custom link. Banners are excellent. Financial aspect of the program is seductive, 30% for each purchase and 10% every month are given.

Themefuse - affiliate program


3.Ordasoft - affiliate program

Well designed affiliate program that gives you 25 percent on each purchase. It is seen that a developer went the other way in the design of affiliation program. Convinent explanation of all affiliation program aspects with pictures is presented. A great number of affiliate banners on each product. Personal area is comfortable and reflects all that you need. In general if you are looking for a handy utility for earning money that program is for you.

Ordasoft - affiliate program


4.Joomlabamboo - affiliate program

Joomla Bamboo has one of the best affiliate program among developers. They are using iDevAffiliate software. Affiliate program of Joomla Bamboo includes links only on "all products" category, so you can't locate affiliate link on every template or extension of Joomla Bamboo. They has well designed banners, that are fit good ion all sites. Comfortable affiliate cabinet shows all information you needed, such as purchases, visits through your links. So if you want to join affiliate program of Joomla Bamboo - don't be afraid to do this. Joomla Bamboo Gives to you 20% from each delivery, and minimum balance to payout is 45$, payouts made one per month.

Joomlabamboo - affiliate program


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