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Joomla News: Best joomla image gallery

Images. Images are more understandable then other type of content. It is very important to organize your images in specific order, to highlight one and hide others. So for that you image gallery is needed. Image gallery allows you to add what you want, in what order you want, in what reaolition you want..e.t.c.. So, here you can find spme best joomla image galleries.


1.OS Image Gallery - simple and easy joomla image gallery

OS Responsive Image Gallery is very simple and easy in use, with intuitive and clean interface, attractive design joomla image gallery. This joomla image gallery is using drag'n'drop, so it's very easy and funny to add your pictures. It is also responsive and looks great on desktop, mobile and tablet. Fast, clean adn responsive - it is all about this gallery.

OS Image Gallery - simple and easy joomla image gallery


2.2J Gallery - effective joomla image gallery

2J Gallery it’s the one of the most effective and attractive ways Joomla gallery, that you can download on your website. All necessary things, that helps you to create your own gallery, uploading photos and customize files on front end are included there. 2J Gallery have 8 per-configured themes with 4 different animation on Hover effects and 6 light boxes. If you want to set not one gallery on the page, you absolutely can do it, because this gallery gives the right to set up different options on every gallery on a page. No limits for amount of uploaded images to the gallery and amount of the gallery instances per page. Installation and configuration of the gallery is really simple you don't need any special skills everything build in Joomla! native style.

2J Gallery - effective joomla image gallery


3.Rokgallery - revolutionary joomla gallery extension

RokGallery is a ground-up revolutionary gallery extension, developed to be hugely flexible, versatile and user friendly. The system itself is built on a custom tag-based architecture with the ability to have multiple tag-based galleries. RokGallery uses design and concepts that have been traditionally reserved for platform-native applications and are for the first time making their way into a web environment.

Rokgallery - revolutionary joomla gallery extension


4.Phoca Gallery - clean joomla gallery

Phoca Gallery is a Joomla gallery - image gallery for Joomla! CMS. It includes component, modules and plugins and allows users to display images or Youtube videos in many different styles. For displaying images you can use the component only. If you want to display images in articles, you can use Phoca Gallery Plugin (and Phoca Gallery Button plugin - for easier adding of images into articles). Images can be displayed as slideshow in articles with help of Phoca Gallery Slideshow plugin or they can be displayed on module positions in Joomla (with help of Phoca Gallery Image module).

hoca Gallery - clean joomla gallery


5.Jux Gallery - exceptional responsive Joomla gallery component

JUX Gallery is an exceptional responsive Joomla gallery component to present neat & beautiful Gallery on your site. Have you seen how Google Images handles their images in result page after you type a keyword in search box? JUX Gallery works in the similar way! JUX Gallery uses the power of jQuery to display your images in logic and well-ordered rows, no matter what image’s sizes are. In other words, the extension automatically aligns your thumbnails into a justified grid using jQuery. And it’s responsive! That’s not even the best thing about JUX Gallery. The unique feature that makes JUX Gallery standout lies in its administrator section. Controlling JUX Gallery in back end is just a breeze – we made it very easy to use and configure in back end so website’s admin task will be minimized. You can control JUX Gallery in only one view – means that all actions can be done within only one page without reloading page. All settings & configurations like changing album’s order, arranging images…can be easily done by dragging and dropping items here and there. Just take a look at our demo site and play with JUX Gallery. Enjoy using it!

Jux Gallery - exceptional responsive Joomla gallery component


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