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Joomla News: Balbooa - Joomla Google map module - 6maps

New Year's Eve, one of the most anticipated day of the year. Today, we want to share our plans with you again. So, take your seats and we are begin.

- "What are the coordinates of our office?"

- "What does it mean...coordinates?"

- "Well...longitude and latitude"

- "Haha..are you going to airstrike our office?"

Laugh filled the room.

- "Haha...No. I’m working with the contact us page of Roocky Joomla template, I have installed couple of Google maps modules, and both require longitude and latitude, to show your location on the Google map"

After these words we decided to create our own Joomla Google Map module which will meet all Balbooa requirements - beautiful, easy to customize and thoroughly tested.

We named it “6maps”. To make using of our module more comfortable, we have divided module options into two tabs: “Map Options” and “Marker and Infobox Options”.

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