The 6 best extensions form builder for joomla!

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Joomla News: The 6 best extensions form builder for joomla!

1. Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder

The most powerful form builder for Joomla, Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder. A quality set of tools, forms are displayed on each device. Create forms simply with the designer Drag & Drop, before saving, look at how your form looks. Create multi-page forms, on several pages for the convenience of site visitors. Huge selection of field types, password, text, radio, drop-down lists, text box. Export data to CSV format. Flexible layout customization. Support PayPal.

Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder

2. ChronoForms

ChronoForms is a useful extension for creating forms for Joomla. For example, using this extension, you can create a booking form for a tourist site. When creating the form, you can specify the following fields: name, phone, e-mail, date of arrival / departure, number of adults, number of children, security code and much more!

ChronoForms Joomla Forms Builder

3. BreezingForms

BreezingForms a very useful set of tools that allows you to create on the site forms of varying complexity. This component supports a couple of modes of operation (QuickMode, EasyMode and ClassicMode), which provide elastic and ergonomic creation of forms in a matter of minutes depending on requirements. Full support for mobile platforms, data loader based on HTML5 development, cloud data storage and more. Built-in adaptive functions will be correctly displayed on any screens. The assembly includes all the additional modules and plug-ins, and in addition, different styles of design for the component.

BreezingForms Joomla Forms Builder

4. Fabrik

Fabrik is a freeware extension for Joomla that is designed to create various forms, tables and other site elements on Joomla that work inside Joomla. However, knowledge of MySQL and PHP is not required. You can easily integrate data from Google Maps, various diagrams, a calendar, etc. into the content. With the Fabrik component, you can create full-fledged CCK applications that range in complexity from simple contact forms to complex applications such as a tracking system, for example.

Fabrik Joomla Forms Builder

5. Proforms

The platforms for creating forms with the built-in application system Proforms is an extremely easy to use component of Joomla! With extensive professional functions. Proforms is suitable for beginners, and can also meet the needs of designers and experts. With Proforms you get: displaying records in the frontend, modular forms creation, security - 5 CAPTCHA including ReCaptcha, spamtraps, sending time reviews, PayPal simple redirect, etc.

Proforms Joomla Forms Builder

6. RSForm!

RSForm! is an excellent component for creating a feedback form and improving the page with contacts on your site. Why waste time implementing and developing your own contact form when you can just create it in a few clicks using the RSForm constructor! This is the most flexible and easy-to-use component for Joomla!

RSForm! Joomla Forms Builder

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