Top 10 best Joomla Social Share Extensions

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Joomla News: Top 10 best Joomla Social Share Extensions

When you are reading an awesome article you feel a sense of happiness and you totally want to share this article to your friends. So it is necessary to add a share buttons in your articles, so we have found 10 best joomla social share extensions for you. Enjoy it.


1.Nice Social Bookmark

This joomla social share extensions shows icons from 13 most known social sites. You can customize icons by our own, because this extension has 4 different sizes of icons and 6 different sets of icons. It validates with W3C HTML5.

Nice Social Bookmark


2.Joomla Social Comments and Sharing

Comments and Sharing joomla extension is a powerful Marketing and SEO tool, that allows users on your site post comments through Facebook comments box and share pages, get recommendations and grow visitors on most popular social networking sites, like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and also LinkedIn. If you need visitors from social media networking sites - Comments and Sharing module is your tool.

Joomla Social Comments and Sharing


3.Easy Like and Share Plugin

This Social Like and Social Sharing Joomla Extension is made to create convenient Social Sharing Buttons for the users of your website to Bookmark, Share, Like, or Recommend interesting content they find on the top social media sites and social bookmarking sites online. This is a great tool to help bring more traffic to your site and create a buzz about your online business.

Easy Like and Share Plugin


4.Facebook, Twitter, Google + plugin for Joomla

This joomla social share extension is the popular Facebook Like and Share plugin and it allows the user to share your content with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin or Pinterest.

Facebook, Twitter, Google + plugin for Joomla


5.Easy Share This

Easy ShareThis is an easy to share joomla social share extension. It comes with 4 different styles. You can checkout the some special features that makes it different from other extensions available in the market.

Easy Share This


6.BT SocialShare plugin

BT Social Share is a joomla extension that add social icons to your joomla article. Extension can be published at various locations in content, with 2 options display top or bottom of article. Plugin has backend settings where you can customize it. You can enable/disable each social network individually or show or hide them on specific sections, categories, individual articles or specific menus.

BT SocialShare plugin


7.Coala Web Social Links

ACoalaWeb Social Links is a Joomla social extension that help site visitors bookmark content on your site as well as follow you through a variety of social networks. You can choose which bookmark and follow us links to display depending on your website needs plus it's packed full of other configuration options to make it as flexible as possible. CoalaWeb Social Links is a complete social media package to help your site visitors bookmark content, follow you through a variety of social networks and vote for particular content with social buttons.

Coala Web Social Links


8.Social Share and Vote button

Social Share/Vote Button is a popular Joomla social share extension that shows social share or vote button in articles and content. It contains all popular social networks or share/bookmark sites that supports button or badge for vote and share.

Social Share and Vote button



JoomShareBar is an ultimate joomla social share extension. It contains all popular social icons and it is fully customize able  you can set an order of the social buttons appearance, set the showing as floating skescraper or horizontal bar, individual styling for Article and Category View: make the appearance match your website's design.



10.JExtBOX Social Share Buttons

This joomla extension adds social share buttons to your article, making it easy for your visitors to submit your articles and build traffic to your website.

JExtBOX Social Share Buttons


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