Virtuemart - best free solution for your online store

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Joomla News: Virtuemart - best free solution for your online store

If you are going to do e-commerce and you have a website running Joomla CMS, the component Virtuemart can be a great solution for organizing online trading. The PHP-based extension is easily installed using the standard application installer in Joomla and allows you to create online stores of any level, up to large supermarkets with a large number of categories and products.

Virtuemart features

Today Virtuemart is one of the most popular free components for creating online stores. This is due to the simplicity of its installation and the great opportunities it has.

Virtuemart allows you to create an unlimited number of products and product categories, and users have the ability to perform a quick search by product, manufacturer or category with filtering by any signs (price, discount amount, etc.). You will be able to set different prices for products of the same type for different categories of customers either by marking products as “special” or participating in a sale. Each of the products can be assigned a different currency, and the component can automatically convert the price from one currency to another.

Also, users are provided with a history of orders, the ability to manage addresses and delivery methods, to purchase discount coupons. Also, customers will be able to subscribe, so that they receive a notification of the appearance of any product. And they have the opportunity to leave feedback on products that can be moderated or automatically approved. The online store will support various payment methods, including most well-known payment systems and credit cards. With the help of Virtuemart, the store owner will receive detailed statistics on the number of orders and new customers. Also, this component provides for the preparation of reports that show the level of income for a month, year, or other period of time.

More about Virtuemart

The component of the online store VirtueMart is an absolutely free program compatible with Joomla versions from 1.5 and 2.5, and now Joomla 3.x. And in the network you can find the component itself in Russian, and even ready-made site templates with a built-in extension VirtueMart. This is due to the great popularity of this module, which also led to the emergence of a large number of free and paid add-ons for it. It is impossible not to note the large number of forums in which webmasters discuss the VirtueMart component and find answers to many questions about it, which helps to solve emerging problems.

In this regard, even a not very experienced webmaster will be able to set up an online store in full accordance with their wishes and needs. That is, here you can not be limited to only the basic version of the component offered by its developers. And another feature is the ability to disable the sale mode on the site, after which it can turn from a store into a regular catalog. Some webmasters initially use VirtueMart just as a directory.

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