SEO extensions for Joomla

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Joomla News: SEO extensions for Joomla

What are SEO modules and why are they needed?

SEO tools help optimizers as well. With their help, optimize websites for search engines and track progress in promotion.

They may conflict with each other. Do not install them on the principle of "the more the better."

Before installing, make sure that:

- it is compatible with already installed;

- do not install simultaneously different modules to solve the same task;

- see the date of the last update, older versions are less effective;

- read reviews from other webmasters.

SEO extensions for Joomla:

AJAX Register - simplifies the process of creating registrations on the site; flexible customization of the fields: text fields, selection list, file download;

Akeeba Backup - makes backup site;

JSitemap PRO - generates a site map;

Canonical Links All in One - helps fight duplicate content by customizing canonical links;

SEO Generator - automatically creates meta tags and generates anchors, texts based on the given formulas for all pages, eliminates duplicates.

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