Important Tips & Tricks to Start your Shopify Business, Drop Shipping Business

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Joomla News: Important Tips & Tricks to Start your Shopify Business, Drop Shipping Business

Are you a shop owner and want to build your own online store? Or are you planning to make money with drop shipping? Shopify is a wonderful platform for you. Shopify can adapt any your requirements whether you sell your own products or make drop shipping. In this tutorial, we will show you some Important Tips & Tricks to Start your Shopify Business, Drop Shipping Business step by step.


Shopify is packed with great features that lets you create an powerful eCommerce website. Besides, Shopify is one of the most user-friendly solutions. You can easily manage your Shopify business, drop shipping store.

1. Setting Up your Online Store

First of all, you must register for your business on Shopify. You can take experience before paying for a business plan by taking free 14-day trial.

Shopify Free Trial 14 Days

2. Domain Setup

Initially, Shopify will provides a free domain. You online store URL will look like: for example. It does not help you strongly visualize your brand. Moreover, Shopify does not include any domain or email hosting in its plans. Therefore, you have to purchase a domain from domain provider then pointing it to your Shopify Store.

3. Website Layout

Shopify allows you to build the website theme on your own. But if you do not have any definition of web design, it's better for you to select an available Shopify Theme for your online business. There are lots of Premium Shopify Themes as well as Free Shopify Themes. Just pick up the one you love and set to your store. For example:

Website Layouts Example

4. Website Plugins

As other platforms, Shopify provides a wide range of plugins that are used for multi purposes. Based on your products, business strategies, you can use extra plugins for different functionalities.

5. Analysis

You must track your website activities to effectively measure your online store performance and understand users behaviors. Then you will have the right strategies for your business. Google Analytics should be the best tool for you. Besides, you can use Facebook to analysis your website visitors.

6. SEO

As you known, SEO is a good way to bring your business closer to your audiences. You must go with Meta Description and Page Title. An attractive and impressive description will take more attention from visitors.

In addition, you should optimize your content with SEO in each page, product page and make your content be unique among others. You can add your site to Google Search Console to define some errors, missing pages.

7. Product Photography

One of thhe important factor that decides the conversion rate is your product quality. So, your product page is very important. Besides the unique content, your product should be represented with eyes-catching, high-quality images.

In conclusion, the below steps are the most basic and important tips for your Shopify business. Based on your business purpose, you can find more tutorials to build and promote it. Hope it will help you to begin a Shopify business.

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