Get the Air template only for $6

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Joomla News: Get the Air template only for $6

Greetings and welcome, we want to play a game!

Get the Air template only for $6

We want to play a game with you, a game that you’ll totally like, but we can’t promise you’ll stay alive) We are creating a new superior template now, but we don’t want to just sell it, we want to give you a chance to get it almost free. We want offer you to buy it only for 6 $.


The only thing that we can say about new template, that it will be lighter than Air, and of course it will save the main ideas of our products, the idea of lightness and awesome usability. Yes, you don’t know what it will be look like, what features it will have, but 6$ it is a freebie!


Not every day such an offer comes to your hands. Yes you can wait for an official release, try demo and buy it for much more, but it is not your way. Your way is to get the superior template from Balbooa only for 6$ now!


Till the 7 of April you will have an incredible opportunity to buy our second template only for 6$, and at that day the official release will come, and each lucky who have bought it - will get it for 6$!


Get the Air template only for $6

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