Welcome to the Family. Balbooa membership

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Joomla News: Welcome to the Family. Balbooa membership

You are asking me about the favor but you are not in family?


What is family? Family is native people who are always ready to help, solve the problem and maintain in any situation. When you have a large family, you can do a lot to, build a house for example and make it comfortable for all members of family.


Today Balbooa family is born, we want to present Balbooa Membership. With Balbooa membership you can build any site you want, with Balbooa membership you get all you need from the foundation to the roof. All Joomla templates and all Joomla extensions for year or a half will be at your disposal. You can use ready joomla template with full functionality or extensions with for each category: 6gallery, 6slides, 6contacts, 6tweets, 6popups and 6maps, they are only 6 yet, but their number will increase.

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