Design’N’Buy introduces DesignO as Product Designer Magento 2 Plugin on Magento Marketplace

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Magento News: Design’N’Buy introduces DesignO as Product Designer Magento 2 Plugin on Magento Marketplace

DesignO, an API based web to print solution for e-commerce print stores is now available on Magento Marketplace. It is the first such web-to-print solution that has now made the integration process seamless and quick for the Magento 2 store owners and empowered them with plug and play solution.

Designed to serve multiple business verticals, DesignO provides product personalization capabilities for print shops with products such as Single or multi-page print solutions, packaging, apparel, artwork creation, personalized merchandise, personalized gifting solutions and other such print business.

In the web-to-print market service providers offer seamless integrations, but the initial client approach, planning and decision-making process increases the turnaround time and also affect the go-to-market strategy.

To make this process crisp and for easy and hassle-free installation and integration of DesignO for the Magento 2 Marketplaces and print shops, they have listed the solution on the Magento Marketplace as easy to install the plug-in.

Statistically speaking, the implementation timeline of a web-to-print solution on any e-commerce store consists of planning, implementation and adoption. Based on the customizations required, nature of business and number of products, the integration process can take up to 20-120 days.

With the availability of DesignO on the Magento marketplace, Magento 2 print shop owners can now get it as a plug-n-play web-to-print extension and eliminate the entire approach, e-commerce understanding and planning phase. Apart from easy accessibility, the extension also passes through the stringent quality terms of the Magento Marketplace such as:

·         Installation and varnish tests

·         Plagiarism check

·         Marketing Review

·         Coding Standard

·         Malware Check

·         Manual Testing

Below is 2 sources to search and purchase:

Magento Marketplace:

Official Website:

Thus, with these checks, printers now have the essential validation and credibility of performance from the experts’ community of Magento marketplace.

Along with validation and credibility, there also comes personalization as a benefit. With DesignO being a part of the Magento Marketplace, the solution is personalized and tweaked to provide optimum benefits to the printers with Magento stores. Since the listing requires compliance with all the Magento Marketplace norms, the solution is basically personalized for the Magento print-stores.


Also, by installing the DesignO Magento2 extension, businesses can not only introduce product customization, but they can also get other operational and financial benefits such as:

Operational and Financial benefits of installing the DesignO plug-in extension:

·         Complete order management from the DesignO platform for effective operations centralization

·         Businesses can get status updates regarding all the jobs from one dashboard to make operational decisions

·         Since customers design their products, businesses can reduce the design cycle significantly ensuring a quick turnaround time for the project

·         Print-shop owners can also introduce pre-saved templates to the customer for quick executions and print orders

·         The software comes with instant quotations to empower the end customers with informed decision making

·         Since the solution is integrated as an extension, it complies with your Magento2 store seamlessly removing any possibility of disruptions or problems

·         With effective order management and design automation, businesses can reduce their administrative and operational costs significantly in the long run ensuring increased profitability

·         Businesses can upload virtual designs and employ a print-on-demand business model to remove risks of dead stock and preliminary inventory costs

·         Businesses can easily introduce market trends into their products with design templates to make optimum utilization of business opportunities and also attract new customers to their business

·         With streamlined processes and personalized user experiences, businesses can also create a competitive edge in the market

·         Lastly, web-to-print can also present opportunities for new revenue generation streams for multi-vendor platforms and artwork creation businesses 

Businesses that can benefit from DesignO:

·         Personalized gifting service provider

·         Gift and commercial product designers

·         Apparel businesses

·         Business collateral designers and printers

·         Packaging solutions provider

·         Social media marketing agencies

·         Artwork designers

·         Variable data printing products

To understand more about the features and functionalities of DesignO, customers can visit their website, and schedule a free demonstration or they can also visit the Magento Marketplace for detailed information.

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To view the original version of release, please visit Here.

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