Recurring Payment Extension

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Magento News: Recurring Payment Extension

Using Recurring Payments extensions you can pay for the magento e-store based on subscription in a frequent time frame like daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.


Why Recurring Payments extension dynamic?

Here are the reasons for saying recurring payment extensions as powerful.


1.     Subscription is of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. It can set by the admin for the subscribers.

2.     Peculiar dashboards are available through which the details are delivered for the subscribers and the subscribed products.

3.     Simple and virtual products can be sold for various subscription options

4.     Compatible with magento community edition 1.9

5.     Installation is very simple and easy

6.     Through this subscription option, sales get improved drastically

7.     Recurring payment extension is only suitable for products which are sold using PayPal express checkout payment gateway.

8.     24/7 customer support available


Some of the features of Recurring Payment Extensions are


1.     Through Recurring profile registered customers can track their subscriptions and payments.

2.     Improves sales

3.     Admin is able to provide multiple subscription plans for a single product

4.     To set the price for a single billing, “Billing period price” option is used and it can be only in a subscription period.

5.     To set the frequency of the payment for a subscription type “Billing Frequency “is used.

6.     To set the time of completion of a billing cycle, “Billing cycle” is used.

7.     Admin is able to enable or disable the subscription options for the products.

8.     Excellently designed dashboard for maintaining profiles.

9.     Accounts are able to monitor by an admin

10.   Admin can get the active and suspended profiles from dashboard

11.   The status of recurring profiles would be active, suspended, pending, cancelled and All


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