Magento 2.0 eCommerce platforms & highlight features

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Magento News: Magento 2.0 eCommerce platforms & highlight features

Magento 2.0 does away with all the shortcomings of its predecessor. Instead, a bunch of new feature additions make Magento 2.0 an excellent eCommerce platform that are bundled with several fetching features.

Two fold loading speed

Integrated varnish caching, optimized code bases and reduced server loads help cut down response time and load pages at blazing speeds.

Streamlined checkout and payment

Numerous tweaks like auto-detection of credit/debit card companies, one page checkouts, minimal input fields all of which enable customers to checkout with minimal steps.

An all new admin interface

An improved admin interface which is far more user-friendly in the backend. The new file structure is also easy to modify at will without disturbing the overall code structure.

Developer friendly tools

CSS preprocessing which cuts down memory consumption, Functional testing framework which enables real-time testing previews and better structure view are the new tool additions.

Improved scalability

Magento 2.0 offers enterprise grade scalability by support multiple MySQL DBs, data clustering for quick retrieval and even separate database maintenance for checkouts, product data and orders.

Extension moderation


Magento will be moderating directly the quality of extensions that will be made available for general availability. This will ensure availability of high quality extensions in the Magento community.

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