Magneto Vs Woocommerce: which is the best e-commerce platform?

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Magento News: Magneto Vs Woocommerce: which is the best e-commerce platform?

Magento is a best open-source e-commerce platform. The Magento has a abundant features because of which it runs multiple e-commerce stores through a single installation. If your company is big and you want to gain profit from the very first day of your of using an e-commerce store than Magento is best for you.

These are some features why Magento is better than Woocommerce 


Magento considers security and as a top priority. Magento is designed as secure services to keep customers and business details safe. Web sites are more secure, by avoiding data violations from external sources.

Multiple Gateways

Magento can be incorporated with any payment gateway system. It comes with certain default sets; however, it can be effectively extended out to give a custom integration to coordinate any stores requirements.

International support

Magento has built in hold for localization, multiple languages, multiple currencies and tax rates, permitting your Magento web services to trade internationally. It has the ability to set dissimilar tax zones and payment frameworks on a single nation basis.


Magento is a scalable solution that can be used by anyone, regardless of how small or large is your business. As your business develops, the scaling feature of Magento is able to include new features like unlimited number of products to catalog or processing thousands of orders without hindering your website

Advanced SEO

MagentoSEO friendliness is outstanding! It is designed in such a way that permits you to customize or change URLs and Meta-information of products, categories, content pages, descriptions, keywords etc. It also offers Google specific sitemaps and html sitemaps for users, giving enough options to Google to get content and products.

Third party integration

This involves that you can easily integrate third party extensions and solutions such as external payment gateways like Paypal; eBay, databases applications, Google analytics, Google shopping and shipping services like shipping order, tracking & the whole shipping process and much more.

One step checkout

Magento offers one page checkout process, maintained with secured SSL. The merchants can organize the shopping cart by themselves and can also optimize it for stretched conversions.


Magento is extremely flexible, you can figure it to suit any sort of industry. Well, if the inbuilt components of Magento do not satisfy you, you have an alternative to build extensions and get the elements you need. Yes, it gives you the flexibility to customize your store both from front-end as well as back-end as per your exclusive requirement.


The vast benefit of using Magento is its affordability! Usually, one wants to pay an enormous amount for selecting a professional E-commerce service.

These are some reason why Magento is better than Woocommerce

Enthusiasm and Plug-in: Magento is a dedicated, impartial e-commerce platform. On the other hand, Woocommerce is the Plug-in of WordPress. It is just an add-on to the content management system of WordPress.

Hosting: Hosting associated needs of each platform are dissimilar from each other and these effects costing. One can host both the platforms at their own. If you want to flourish your e-commerce business than rather spending time on issues linked to infrastructure, server and maintenance, assign someone else to handle this, which can be done effectively in Magento.

Content Management: while you are setting your e-commerce store, the fact is that an e-commerce site firstly and fore mostly is a website. The meaning of this is that you too have to handle the non-product content like informational pages, homepages, landing pages, etc. This is called content management, and in addition to this, each platform offers different capabilities.

Ease of Use: Clearly, ease of use is very important from the user view. It is said that Magento is hard to use but more vigorous when compared to Woocommerce.

Why WooCommerce Is Not Better Than Magento?

·         Woocommerce is not good for an e-commerce store which is meant to sell hundreds and thousands of products

·         What the reason of WooCommerce store fall is the wide-range load on web server due to extensions, plug-ins, themes, etc.

·         You require to includes various pulls for making your Word Press website perform like an e-commerce website

·         Scaling is not easy with WooCommerce. The range of plug-ins installed in WooCommerce maintained website facades as a problem when the site wants to be extended to suit new requirements. The reason is maximum resources are being inspired by these plug-ins.


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