Advanced Form for Magento 2

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Magento News: Advanced Form for Magento 2

Advanced Form for Magento 2 allows administrator to create numerous shapes of web form with 11 useful fields to collect customer’s information to meet your marketing demand. You can easily create your own forms tailored for your business purposes.

Advanced Form - Features

  • Unlimited number of forms created

  • Automatically create email template, meanwhile, the form is being created

  • Generate display page while creating form
  • 11 super exciting input types for each field (text, text area, file, image, drop-down, radio, checkbox, multiple select, date, store view, product) to choose

  • Support data storage and sending mail after form is submitted.

  • Ability to configure Send mail panel with email template, recipients and fields to reply

  • Allow to add CAPTCHA code to form
  • Allow to configure Display page similar to creating a CMS page
  • Allow to create your own template to display the form using available shortcodes

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