Google rich snippets for magento 2

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Magento News: Google rich snippets for magento 2

Google rich snippets for Magento 2 is a tool with structured data, designed to enhance ‘understandable’ information which is placed in your store website and supports it to skyrocket to the top of the searching results. By this way, with more details, your organization as well as services and products, therefore, will segment accurately kinds of the potential customer, and then determine exclusively relevant traffic to your website.

Download at:

On which website below do you want to click?

  1. The one with stars rating display which helps you know the web credibility
  2. The one with only its hyperlink

Absolutely the first one, right?

It’s the reason why GOOGLE RICH SNIPPETS EXTENSION was created!



  • Enabling rich snippets breadcrumbs which allow visitors to know where they are on the website at the present.
  • Initiating rich snippets with name, logo and more information of your organization.
  • Showing search box as a homepage input in search results.
  • In the category page: Showing average-rating products and starting price data
  • Adding availability status and condition tag of products to rich snippets

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