Gigantic Influences of Magento Jewelry Themes

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Magento News: Gigantic Influences of Magento Jewelry Themes

Are you thinking about launching a powerful online store? Do you wish to see your website working as soon as possible? Surely, there’s a great sensible decision that will save you time and money.

Probably, you have already heard about Magento. It’s an eCommerce platform that provides an incredible shopping experience. You can launch your own jewelry website on this platform. This process may be immensely facilitated with a Magento jewelry theme. Ready-made Magento themes take into account the needs of companies selling goods and the requirements of buyers. Thus, a website created with a Magento jewelry theme will guarantee a pleasant shopping experience for clients. It will also increase your sales.

So, look at the collection of 5 best website template sites for jewelry shops and choose the one you like most of all.

1. Jewelrix - Jewelry Store Magento 2 Theme

Jewelrix - Jewelry Store Magento 2 Theme


This powerful theme is designed in neutral light colors. It includes a great number of tools for creating an impressive jewelry store. First of all, you can organize the assortment of goods into multiple categories with MegaMenu. You can also apply a dropdown menu. Secondly, you can design the incomparable catalog and product pages. You can provide a description of each product and the customers’ reviews. You have an opportunity to provide information in visually appealing charts, too. It is also possible to add product videos. They will showcase jewelry in the smallest details. Furthermore, product badges will help you to categorize items. These badges are attention-grabbing. Additionally, they can indicate the status of products.

Your visitors will easily navigate the website. Also, they will find the necessary items due to these tools:

  • Ajax Search;
  • Ajax Compare;
  • Ajax Products Filter.

Moreover, with Wishlist people will have some time to think and buy the goods they like most of all.

2. Precious Jewelry Magento Theme

Precious Jewelry Magento Theme


This colorful theme is suitable for various online stores, including jewelry ones. It will become an effective instrument for increasing sales online. Being easy to customize, the theme has got different options for this. For instance, you can use a two-column layout. For a big number of goods to arrange, take advantage of MegaMenu. You can create various categories and subcategories, and make your menu dropdown.

Additionally, this theme supports blog functionality. You can post different information about your products, some advice, and recommendations. The Commenting System will let your customers take part in the discussions.

You can support a constant connection with your customers with the help of:

  • social options,
  • on-line chat.

As the theme supports different languages (English, Spanish, Russian, and German) you are sure to reach a wider audience.

3. Handmade Jewelry Magento Theme

Handmade Jewelry Magento Theme


Do you like engaging websites that catch visitors’ attention instantly? If your answer is ‘Yes’, try this stunning theme with Parallax effect. Such animation will enchant your visitors. Also, the theme’s functionality will hold your visitors on the website. The theme features a dropdown menu that includes categories. So, people will easily find various products. There are a back-to-top button and a dropdown cart. So, it will be easier for people to navigate through the website. Furthermore, the theme includes various forms:

  • Contact Form,
  • User Registration and Login Form,
  • Newsletter Subscription.

They will support the connection between your company and your clients, both existing and potential ones.

The theme has got multiple currency support. So, your clients will appreciate the possibility to pay in the currency they prefer.

4. Handcrafted Jewelry Store Magento Theme

Handcrafted Jewelry Store Magento Theme


Having various Custom Page Templates, this theme allows you to adjust your design. You can create a marvelous online store that will suit your desires and needs. You can apply a two-column page layout. Also, you can use grids and lists to arrange your products into categories. In addition, you can categorize all items. Create drop-down menus for the easiness of customers’ search. As for the gallery, you can make it more appealing with the help of such scripts:

  • Accordion,
  • Carousel,
  • Slider.

With Google maps, it is possible to show the location of your company and lead people to your store. With Google Web Fonts integration, you can experiment with typography. It’s easy to emphasize the style of your company in such away.

5. Fine Jewelry Magento Theme

Fine Jewelry Magento Theme


This is another dazzling theme to create an efficient online store. First of all, you can take advantage of Categories Accordion. It’s possible to present your product categories effectively. In each category, you can also demonstrate galleries with the help of such scripts as Accordion, Carousel, and Slider. Secondly, you can give people a detailed presentation of goods. For this, you can use Video Integration. You can insert videos of products and show your customers what they look like in real life. To find any necessary goods quickly, your customers can use Advanced Search. It helps to specify their requirements. Additionally, the Commenting System will let people ask questions. So, they are able to specify any information they need.

This theme can help you connect with a wider audience because it is:

  • multicurrency (USD, GBP, EUR);
  • multilanguage (English, Spanish, Russian, German).

Furthermore, with Social Icons and Social Options people will share information easily.

All in all, Magento jewelry themes let you create various menus of goods. This makes your information well-organized. Also, these themes help you to present items and collections in a variety of ways. You can attract people’s attention instantly. Furthermore, these themes facilitate customers’ navigation through the website. Moreover, you can run your store in different languages. To do this, choose a theme that supports different languages. Also, Magento themes can include a blog and a commenting system. These will let you create engaging posts. Thus, Magento themes are an effectual way to run a jewelry store.

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