Why dedicated server is best for Magento store

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Magento News: Why dedicated server is best for Magento store

You involve a professional website and a nice payment system when running an online business for your clients to have an simple time to visit, order and even check your products. You will need to host your site on a shared or dedicated server for this purpose.


A shared server is an online platform where you get a bit of a pie as you share the same storage and internet bandwidth among other businesses or clients.For most increasing companies, this may be cheaper and more accessible, but in the long run, you may experience hazards, including safety hitches, privacy issues, or slow accessibility, as the servers should also serve another hundred customers apart from you technically.On the other hand, a dedicated server can take all your requirements first hand as nobody else accesses or uses your storage and you are also in a better position, particularly if it includes payment and payment techniques, considering your safety.


Less waiting, More customers


While your Magento store will be taken care of by a dedicated server alone. This reduces the load time of the waiting page to just a few milliseconds, and you'll be surprised how much impact it can have on your sales. Customers hate waiting longer to select a item and wait for a website to load just to give their credit card information for a long time.


Increasing the moment might also mean you clients end up getting an afterthought, getting some time to check out the other choice, or just getting bored as a whole. Customers get devastated when they have to wait on your site for such a long time and end up seeing something like server mistake or the website takes longer to react to something a dedicated server is just dealing with.




Optimization of the search engine will also rate your websites as to how long it takes to load the website on an average desktop. Just as Google shows you that in less than 0.006 seconds it has collected 1 million search results, it also presents sites that won't just give you a headache to open. A dedicated server can therefore better search results, thus boosting your engine search rank.


More security, More options, less Stress


As you may recognize that internet virus and malware are all over the internet and just as much as you might believe you're dealing with the others of your customer may just be one of them. You may just be correct to use a dedicated server as you have the choice to add as many safety scripts as you might need. On the other side, a shared server limits you to safety threats that might either hack your website or end up receiving customer wallets information. However, an SSL certificate can be helpful as it boosts the trust of clients and also provides more safety against any third party threat.


More storage, Larger Bandwidth


Since the server is only devoted to you and your company, you will have access to the entire server, meaning you will sue all the storage, and this can be used to store everything you need. Whether pictures, videos, music or charts, Dropbox and iCloud also don't have the stress of sourcing for cloud storage. On the other side, as you can get more download and upload velocity for your site, you get more bandwidth. This also implies that apart from making it simpler for clients to navigate through your website, you will also gain more velocity and reliability by uploading more products, pictures, videos or fresh product descriptions.




While everything about a dedicated server may seem positive, the price could be a true downturn for many companies. You will need to assess your company if you need a dedicated server's services. This implies that you need to verify the customer's lifetime value for all expenditures from client procurement costs. If you don't believe what you get in return, it's a tiny price to pay.


Conclusion :


To sum up, there is no point in discussing whether you should switch to a devoted server as if it might sound relative. You'll see the advantage when you begin using the server. As a business, you'll need to make sure you cut costs as much as you can and maximize profit, but taking into account the leverage you can have with a dedicated server, you definitely can't go wrong to buy one.


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