Top 12 Video On Demand Companies To Build a VOD Platform in 2021

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OpenCart News: Top 12 Video On Demand Companies To Build a VOD Platform in 2021

Think about your day-to-day life: how many video on demand platforms do you subscribe to, and how many more can you name?

The real-time streaming of video and audio content, combined with the entrance of big players into countries all around the world, has made the market value for video on demand solutions shoot through the roof.

Interactive video viewing is bound to generate double revenues as compared to static revenue folds. With this interactivity just like sharing in social hubs, via varied quizzing, etc businesses are now able to yield at par lead generation that offers real value!

& that’s why...

The recent report lifts up video-on-demand viewing by 155% with years back to back! The highlight about it is the minimum watching time, per session is held up to 17.1minutes!

What is Video on Demand?

The literal translation of what is VOD? Video On Demand that is purely streamed online with its immersive TV technology.

Basically, this allows users to access their convenient content and your customers can watch them in real-time or download it for later streaming.

Sometimes the channel owners or content creators provide varied choices of content to only subscribed customers or logged-in members only. While on the other hand, some other models will have numerous VODs online that can be viewed by everyone.

This is indeed done for specific marketing purposes which can differentiate your unique on-demand videos display with regular watch videos.

These videos are part of a prepared catalog that’s plugged into the VOD platform,

  • Enable users to browse through the selection
  • Find videos they want to watch right now or
  • Create playlists to watch at a later stage

Here are some of the popular examples that use video-on-demand technology & have bottled up the enterprising streaming market!

How to choose the right VOD platform provider for your business

So far you have been coming across the importance of a video broadcasting platform. Now you can get a brief about what kind of parameters are required to be met for building an enhanced video on demand website.

We’ll be helping you to have a basic structure & cover its pivotal importance!

Get your streaming essentials on your way!

When you go for any streaming service provider to develop your brand-personalized platform have more powers to grant features, USPs & other perks to simply provide various user choices, increasing flexibility.

Power your VOD streaming service platform with a perfect SaaP solution with advanced video management tools & hosting solutions. Also, get flexible deployment options through on-demand platform providers that can help you to have it at your premises or on cloud servers.

Since the online threat environment has constantly been crucial in these hard times, it is essential to protect your valuable videos with a perfect robust secure streaming solution. Some of it would comprise password protection, IP restrictions, SSL encryption, copyrights, etc.

Top 12 VOD Companies to Launch your own VOD Streaming App

  1. VPlayed - A Complete White label Video Platform For Your Business

VPlayed is a 100% customized streaming platform that is flexible & provides end-to-end future-proof features for multiple industry use cases, backed by secure technologies.

When it comes to streaming video and audio content without a hitch across multi-device channels, it is the first choice of many popular across industries.

  1. CONTUS VPlay - Independently Self-hosted Video Streaming Platform

Contus VPlay is a leading video streaming solution provider that is 100% customizable. Through it, you can lay the groundwork for multi-facet live video streaming capabilities on multiple networks, websites, and devices.

  1. Vixy Video - All-in-One VOD Management Platform

To allow your user's quick access to your premium video content, VIXY offers a Whitelabel VOD platform with support for subscriptions (SVOD), pay-per-view (TVOD) & ads (AVOD).

  1. Panopto - Hand-Picked Video Streaming Services

Panopto is yet another one of the popular VOD platform companies out there, for its stable VOD viewing experience that will revolutionize the way in which you exchange knowledge and information.

Centralize and stream the videos safely, build playlists, optimize replay, and evaluate the interest of the viewer through in-built analytics.

  1. Kaltura - Powered VOD Experience with Streaming App

Video-on-demand and live interactions of virtual classes, lecture capture, and secure webinar hosting capabilities can be powered by Kaltura Video Cloud for Education. It ties in seamlessly with existing CMS and is great to have for e-learning courses, seminars, and webinars.

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